Junior School Fast on Its Feet

Since September, our Junior School students have covered a lot of ground. Last week, it was the Terry Fox run and this week the students competed in the cross-country championships at Beaver Lake.

“Running is a very popular sport at the Junior School,” says coach and Assistant Director Gary Barber. “It gives the children an opportunity to practice and then test their fitness in races against other schools.”

For the Terry Fox run, the children spent the morning learning about Terry Fox before donning their house-colour bandannas and heading out into the field. Mr. Barber played energetic music and the staff and students walked and ran laps around the field. The morning wrapped up with a few running games, including one with teachers against the Grade 5 students, which the students won.

That isn’t too surprising, since Junior School track athletes have been working hard, as the 35 boys and girls have been practicing twice a week before school as well as completing several races. Mr. Barber started the 100 Lap Club to motivate students with a measurable goal, with each student counting the laps they run around the school field as they practice.

“Most students have surpassed the 100 lap mark and a few have run over 300!” says Mr. Barber

The training certainly has been effective, as yesterday’s cross-country run at Beaver Lake was truly successful, with many students achieving personal bests on challenging terrain. The final event of the Junior School track season will be the ISEA Championships in Vancouver, where our runners will compete against the best from the Lower Mainland and face the challenging hills of Quilchena Park.

“The team is enthusiastically supported by many students, because they enjoy the social camaraderie and sense of team spirit that is forged on the trips to various races,” says Mr. Barber. “We have a long-standing tradition of success in cross-country running and this invariably inspires our young athletes to follow in the footsteps of these runners.”

The Junior School students’ love of running is spreading. Junior School Director Nancy Richards and parent Joanne Sedgwick recently organized a team of staff and students from all three schools to participate in the Run for the Cure, raising almost $2000.


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