SMUS Gets Spirited

This week was Spirit Week, a chance for day and boarding students to show off their house pride. Throughout the week, our school councils took turns planning and hosting events, but it was the staff that began the fun. During Monday’s assembly, six teachers competed in a game of Chubby Bunny, where they had to hold marshmallows in their mouth while properly enunciating the name of the game, and earned roars of laughter from their students.

At lunch, the Athletics Council kicked off the week with water relay races. By laying out plastic tarps over part of the athletics field and covering them with soap and water, students made an extra-long slip-and-slide. In pairs, students rode down the slope, zig-zagged, kicked a soccer ball into a net and then ran through a flurry of water-balloons, all to win points for their house.

Tuesday, the Student and Service Councils put on an Amazing Race, where house teams had to work through challenges such as human knots and puzzles. Next, the Academic Council held a very well-attended game show event, called “Are you Smarter than a Staff Member?” Director of Academics John Liggett hosted, as teams of four (one member per grade) from each house took on a group of teachers. In the end, the students lost out to the faculty with a score of 34–18.

Last, students got to accessorize themselves with supplies provided by the Arts council, who also held a competition for the best candid photo from the day. An acoustic concert provided the rest of the lunch hour’s entertainment.

Each council also gave the students a chance to get creative with their uniforms, in the form of jerseys (Athletics), crazy hair (Student and Service), crazy ties and socks (Academic) and spirit gear (Art). Below are some of the questions students and staff answered correctly in Are You Smarter than a Staff Member? Which group are you smarter than?

Are You Smarter than a Student?

1. After the civil war following Caesar’s death, who became emperor?
2. What planet has the highest surface temperature?
3. If one suffers from hepatitis, which organ is inflamed?
4. What is 10 to the power of 100?
5. Numismatics is the term for the study of?

Are You Smarter than a Staff member?

1. What is arrenophobia or androphobia the fear of?
2. Canada and 79 other countries boycotted the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of what country?
3. What is the Latin phrase that means “to the point of disgust”?
4. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean?
5. Who became Prime Minister of Canada, as a conservative in 1911, and as a leader of the unionists in 1917?

1. Augustus
2. Venus
3. Liver
4. Googol
5. Coins

1. Men
2. Afghanistan
3. Ad nauseam
4. Sicily
5. Sir Robert Borden


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