Middle School Students Get Justice

This week, Grade 7 and 8 students learned about the Canadian legal system as well as the consequences of online behaviour through an interactive performance by Justice Theatre. Justice Theatre is a programme run by the People’s Law School of British Columbia to educate students about legal issues and the trial process. Their presentation this week focused on cyber-bullying.

Grade 8 students Shayla Baumeler and Kristen Sing write about the performance and its messages.

On October 6th, Justice Theatre visited St. Michaels University School to perform an act for Grade 7 and 8 students which showed the result of cyber bullying. Those students viewed the repercussions of their actions and consequences on the web. We all saw the effect that cyber bullying can have on someone’s life.

Throughout the presentation, Justice Theatre showed us the extremes of how far a situation can go without direct intentions. What happened in this performance is fairly common in reality. Two teenagers had recently broken up due to the instant decision of the girl (Lori), and the boy retaliated, wanting to destroy her reputation through the internet.

This situation got out of hand and was taken to a critical point. How they portrayed the court scene was very unique and interactive. A group of students acted as the jury and decided whether or not the accused was guilty or innocent. The actors of Justice Theatre made it realistic enough for students to connect to easily, and the story was based on two true stories, which were combined to make this one.

This presentation was very detailed, with real life technicalities that would be used in court rooms such as the crown presenting evidence to the judge assisting his case.

Overall, the presentation was a rewarding experience. The play left students with knowledge of how dramatically cyber bullying can manipulate one’s life. We would all be surprised if the school did not welcome back the Justice Theatre due to their magnificent performance.


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