Tour de Rock Rolls Into SMUS

Every October, we look forward to the arrival of the Tour de Rock and Cops for Cancer. We do major fundraising on campus before the event, including pizza and bracelet sales, and, of course, raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are an important key to being one of the lucky few who get to shave the heads and cut the ponytails of the year’s brave volunteers. Today, as the Tour de Rock rolled down our wet driveway and into the gym, one could feel the SMUS community’s excitement begin to rise.

Blasting music and sporting huge smiles, the police and honorary riders were the last bit of inspiration needed to top off the anticipation that had been growing all week and start the Cops for Cancer events of the day. We shaved numerous heads and cut a few ponytails, but there are a few heads that certainly stand out. Our own Brown Hall manager Bassanio Tsang took the dive and had his head shaved, while we all watched in heartbreak as Caryn Dooner cut off all her beautiful, long hair, and then proceeded to have her head completely shaved.

Another honourable mention, and definitely a crowd favourite, was the waxing of the legs. Beginning with the graduating boys of 2007, it is now tradition for a handful of our graduating class to have their virgin legs ceremoniously waxed. Both the Senior and Middle schools watched in sadistic delight as our head boy Johnny, in addition to many of our sports stars and even a 10th grader, had wax strips placed on their legs and ruthlessly torn off by a gaggle of mostly unpitying girls. Amidst the energetic atmosphere of bidding and frenzy, merciless best friends paid top dollar to wax the underarms and chests of three of this year’s graduating boys.

The more musically inclined students of SMUS did their part as well, providing live music throughout the entire event. Though the weather outside was dismal and grey, inside the gym was a bright sea of people wearing yellow, the colour of cancer awareness, eager to raise money for victims of cancer. Final figures are far from calculated, especially since there is a much awaited auction of a vintage SMUS sweater taking place in assembly next Monday, but rumour is that we have raised well over $2000. Now that is something worth sacrificing chest hair for.


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