SMUS Celebrates Its International Culture

Our campus has been infused with culture as the International Council held its first two culture weeks of the year. Over the next few months, the council plans to highlight many of the cultures that are represented at SMUS and to teach students a bit more about them, through events and informational signs all over campus. Last week was Japanese Culture week and this week, Germany was the celebrated culture on campus.

For Japanese Culture week, students enjoyed a sampling of Japanese customs. The University of Victoria Kendo Club put on a demonstration of the martial art for a large crowd. In kendo, the armor (bogu) and bamboo sticks (shinai) are based on the armor and swords used by samurai warriors. Our own Grade 12 student Sam Simons also demonstrated his proficiency in kendo for his classmates.

Two of our Japanese students taught a few of their peers about Ikebana, traditional flower-arranging, and the Bonsai Club of Victoria lent us some gorgeous bonsai trees, which were displayed in the library throughout the week, along with books on Japanese culture. Students also got a literal taste of Japan as sushi went up for sale at lunchtime on Monday and Brown Hall had a Japanese theme for Wednesday’s dinner.

German week, in honour of our many German students, came with opportunities to eat German food, watch German soccer and learn about German composers and inventors. Pretzels were on sale at lunch and Brown Hall cooked up an Oktoberfest-themed meal, and one of our German students also spoke at chapel about World War II. The week was capped off with a German movie night in the Barnacle/Winslow Common Room.


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