Grade 5 Students Ready to Lead

Our Grade 5 students were honoured this Monday at the annual leadership assembly. The Junior School began holding leadership assemblies four years ago, both to recognize the contributions made by the students in their role as leaders at the Junior School and to provide them an opportunity to contemplate the meaning and significance of leadership.

“Each student has had to think about what leadership means to them and write a short speech to give at assembly,” says Junior School Admissions Associate Kathleen Cook. The students spoke to all of their schoolmates as well as many of their parents, who were able to stay for refreshments with their children after the assembly. “It is a good opportunity for the children to practice their public speaking skills,” says Director of Junior School Nancy Richards.

Both Ms. Richards and Mrs. Cook spoke about the importance of leadership at the Junior School and the process the students went through to prepare for the assembly. Mrs. Cook also spoke about each child in the school being a leader. She explained to all the other students that each class was taking on special service responsibilities this year, such as taking care of sports equipment and running the lost and found.

“Leadership is for everyone,” says Mrs. Cook. “But this assembly is to recognize the special role that Grade 5 students play in the leadership initiative.” As the leaders of Junior School, Grade 5 students will serve as crossing guards, library monitors, computer lab monitors, announcers, ambassadors and playground monitors.

After all the speeches, each Grade 5 student was presented with a Leadership pin by Ms. Richards to wear on the lapel of their school blazers.


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