Junior Students Rewarded for Reading

This week at the Junior School, the students who participated in the summer reading program were recognized in a special assembly. Thirty-eight children reached their summer reading goals and each received a gold medal and bookmark from Head of School Bob Snowden.

“Children are never too old to read to you, or to be read to,” says Junior School librarian Diana Nason. “Students can improve their reading skills over the summer and come to see reading as leisure activity.”

Before the awards, Mr. Snowden told the story of a man who was unable to change the tire on his car because he couldn’t read the auto manual, which demonstrated why reading was so important. Mr. Snowden also talked about the joy he finds in reading and how he reads whenever he can, especially in the summer.

The participants may choose from the suggested summer reading list provided by their librarian Mrs. Nason or they may make their own choices. The students also rate at least three of their books and explain which character or part of the story they liked best. Their feedback helps shape next year’s suggested summer reading.

Below, some of our keenest readers share their summer favourites.

Angus Hall (Grade 2)
“This summer I read at my home. I read at night and I like it because it is interesting and I really like the characters in the books. My favourite book of the summer was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I read a lot of other books but that was my favourite. Reading is great because it’s fun!”

Joshua Litton (Grade 4H)
“I have really enjoyed a series that David Cunningham left as his Legacy Books when he finished Grade 5. I especially liked the second one in the Series titled King of the Murgoes by David Eddings. I enjoyed reading this summer.”

Sara Owen-Flood (Grade 5N)
“I read every day of the summer and I liked all the books I read. My favourite authors are Kit Pearson and Kenneth Oppel. I once learned a quote and it said that ‘books are oxygen for the brain’ and I liked that. My favourite series of the summer was the Narnia series.”


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