Student Ambassadors Show Off SMUS

Every year, potential new students and their families come to see what SMUS is all about. Our student ambassadors spend their spare periods giving tours, answering emails and talking about SMUS.

Grade 12 student Bhupinder Dulku talks about why he’s a student ambassador and what the experience has taught him so far.

SMUS Admissions Ambassador: a responsibility, a virtue but a very respectable title. For students, deciding which school to go to is a big decision, probably one of the most important decisions they and their families will ever make. It’s my job to make this decision process easier. By interacting with new and future students through e-mail, online chats or campus tours, I try to welcome them and present our magnificent school as best as I can.

There are many reasons why I like being an admissions ambassador; however, there are two that are at the top of my list. Firstly, it allows me to interact with new students from all over the world. Secondly, it gives me a chance to meet the parents and see how well-connected the school really is.

As an ambassador, I help organize and set-up Open Houses, assist on Alumni weekends and in general help with other admissions happenings. In addition to this, I also lead many tours over the course of the year. Our final task is to be a modest SMUS diplomat; always trying to present our school to the community, the greater community, and even the world as a welcoming independent school.

The benefits I’ve gained from being an ambassador are uncountable. I have furthered my communication skills, become experienced in public relations and developed a deeper understanding of what my school has to offer. Giving tours has taught me how to best present my school, which is so large and diverse that I have to choose which aspects to highlight for each family.

What I have learned after a couple years as an ambassador is that you need to understand who you are touring and what they’re really interested in. This sometimes means reading up on some extra school history or expanding my knowledge on core parts of the school I might not have known about. But most importantly, a good ambassador caters to new prospective families’ needs, while preserving our school’s notable and remarkable reputation for excellence.


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