Middle School Students Show Their Colours

Each year, the Middle School stages a big welcome for its new students, both those coming from the Junior School campus and those who are new to SMUS altogether. After a barbeque lunch for all the students, where they could meet and mingle, Friday afternoon was spent enjoying a mix of co-operative games.

“We have so many new students at the start of each year,” says Director of Middle School Xavier Abrioux. “We really try to make them feel welcome and give them a good transition.”

Every Middle School student joins one of four houses (Barnacle, Bolton, Wenman or Winslow) when they enter the Middle School. Each house has its own colour, so for the house games students take a break from their blazers and don their house colours before heading out for some friendly competition.

The afternoon began with team-building activities within each house, such as creating a house cheer. Games ranged from three-legged races to passing a hula-hoop through a human chain.

“The games are a great way for new and returning students to get to know each other,” says Mr. Abrioux.

The Grade 8 students also play a large role in the afternoon, as they are leaders of some of the activities and have a special responsibility to make sure the games are a proper welcome for their younger peers.

“We really rely on our Grade 8 students,” says. Mr. Abrioux. “They help keep the emphasis on fun, participation, community-building and giving our Middle School students a good welcome at the start of the year.”


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