Cameras Roll on Campus

There’s a new club at SMUS this year. The Film Club, started by Grade 11 student Sophia Bryant-Scott, will give students a chance to learn about both the creative and the technical elements of movie-making.

“I wanted to create the Film Club so that students like me, who are very interested in film, could have the opportunity to explore it,” says Sophia.

While SMUS has a thriving theatre programme, movie-making requires much more than just capturing a performance. Sophia plans to conduct workshops teaching her fellow students how to operate video equipment, arrange lighting and edit their footage using a video editing programme.

Once they’ve learned the skills they’ll need, the club will split into groups to create and develop their own films, taking turns behind the camera. “It’s very hard to make a film alone,” says Sophia. “It’s much easier and way more fun when you have a group to work with.”

Most of the projects will fall under the “dramatic” category, which will require a script and a few talented actors. “With a school like ours, finding actors should be easy,” jokes Sophia.

The club is open to all levels of experience and teaches skills by connecting students with resources, such as special guests and knowledgeable peers. “We have a good spectrum of people,” says Sophia, “there’s a nice range in ability.”

Sophia is an avid filmmaker herself, acquiring her first camera at age 11, after watching movies and thinking, “This could be done better”. After SMUS, she hopes to enter the film programme at Ryerson University in Toronto.

At the end of the year, the club hopes to have a premiere of all the projects produced, so that club members can show off their talent. With the addition of Film Club, SMUS now boasts over 40 clubs and councils, including Mathletes, Outdoor Leadership, Debate and Amnesty International.


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