Back to schooooooooool

I know and I’m sorry. You’re tired of hearing it. Every year around late August-early September you start to hear people saying or perhaps you yourself have expressed in a sigh phrases like: “Wow summer went by too fast” or “I can’t believe we’re back in September.” After that, most of us would just sadly shrug it off and continue on with our life waiting for this impending reality.


Was I “shrugging” this reality off? Nope, I can’t say I was… because after my absolutely carefree July, I started to hear something crazy among people in my grade along the lines of “THIS IS OUR LAST YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL!” Those in grade 12 are probably already tired of this… but please bear with me as I emphasize what a big deal this is. Every day is the last day we will ever experience as a student at SMUS. This means last first day of SMUS, last September 7th at SMUS… well I could go on.


People like me, who can get sentimental over the loss of time, may get a little saddened by this fact. But I think I have found a way to cope. Of course adjusting to the new grade and new responsibilities in first term will not be easy but I’m going to look forward to every big, fun and exciting event at school and long weekend/holidays that are in the near future. Who knows…maybe later I might put a “COUNTDOWN!” facebook application to grad… KIDDING! 😉 




Jasmine is a Grade 12 day student


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