Welcome to the Queen’s Family


Complete first week: check!  Meet new people: check!  Prepare for classes: check!  Download Skype (completely free way to video call worldwide): check!  Sleep: not so much!  Since the moment I stepped foot on the Queen’s campus over a week ago to begin my business studies, there has been a non-stop flurry of activity.  Established as one of the best Frosh Orientations in the country,  there are activities running from 8 am until 12pm most days for the first week.  My first three days were spent getting to know my floor-mates, who I will be living with over the next eight months.  One of these 29 students happens to be a fellow SMUS Grad, Michael Vanderwesthuizen.  Our very first task as a group was to learn the Queen’s school song, the Oil Thigh (foundly refered to as “Oily Thighs” by the students), forever instilling in us a sense of pride and belonging.  The remainder of my week was spent proving that I truly had what it takes to become a member of the commerce family.  This proof took many forms including cheering, dancing, slip and sliding, and even wearing your commerce uniform properly (yes, I had a frosh week uniform!).   At the end of the week, not only had I learned much about my school, I had been welcomed into the community.  The phrase that defines my week was spoken by our principal as well as the dean of commerce: “You are now part of this wonderful family!”



  1. Hi Mr. Humphries,
    After this weekend, I am the master of the Queen’s song. We had to sing it after every touch-down at the homecoming game and it was a large victory for Queen’s!!
    – Kathryn


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