SMUS Staff Expands

This September, SMUS is welcoming new teachers, counsellors, house parents and staff. Here are just a few of the new people joining our school community.

Senior School

Mimi Brown
Ms. Brown, who will be teaching French at the Senior School, is a perfect addition to the Languages Department, since she has already taught in both France and Quebec. With a BA in French language and literature as well as a master’s in education, equity and cultural diversity, Mimi is well-suited to the international environment at SMUS. Ms. Brown says she came to the school because of “its reputation for having fantastic students and staff.” She’s delighted to become part of the community and to have the opportunity to build relationships with students. Outside of the classroom, she’ll be engaging in yoga, running, salsa dancing and reading.

Benson Young
As our new Hinton Chair, Benson will be teaching Chemistry 10 and Chemistry 11 Honours. Mr. Young has been teaching for 15 years, most recently at Sentinel Secondary, where he started the AP Chemistry programme. “I knew the reputation of SMUS and I couldn’t turn down this opportunity,” says Mr. Young. He’s excited for the unique opportunity of meeting and teaching international students as well as working with a great staff. A squash player, he’s keen to get involved in the new squash programme while pursuing his other hobbies, which include reading about military history and watching documentaries.

Corinna Zimmermann
An alumnus from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ms. Zimmermann will be teaching art at the Senior School. Though she was born in Austria, Ms. Zimmermann grew up in Toronto. She’s been in Victoria for over a decade and loves the city, spending time going on walks in nearby Sooke, canoeing, hiking and skiing. She also takes her two sons to all the art galleries and museums she can. Ms. Zimmermann is thrilled to work with Anna Forbes and at SMUS. “It’s completely beautiful and the people are amazing,” she says.

Middle School

Susan Smith
Ms. Smith, who holds a BEd and a BSc with combined Honours in mathematics and physics, will be teaching mathematics at the Middle School. No stranger to independent schools, Ms. Smith has already taught at both St. Margaret’s School and Glenlyon Norfolk School. SMUS was a natural choice for Ms. Smith, who enjoys connecting with students from diverse backgrounds and being a creative and fun teacher. In her spare time, Ms. Smith stays fit with aerobics, swimming, yoga and Pilates. She’s looking forward to meeting new people and working at a highly academic school.

Junior School

Mary Zak
As the new counsellor for Junior School, Ms. Zak will help children to develop and strengthen their social and emotional skills as well as collaborate with teachers and parents to help produce strong, capable, and resilient young people. In her spare time, Ms. Zak runs, reads and gardens. She came to SMUS out of a passion for working with children. After many years as a public school teacher and elementary school counsellor, and with a master’s in counselling, Ms. Zak is more than prepared for her new job. She looks forward to learning new skills and building relationships with students, staff and parents.


Darryl Beck
As a junior house parent in Harvey House, Mr. Beck is looking forward to spending a lot of time with his boarding students and leading them to win the House Cup for the fifth year in a row. Since Mr. Beck is interested in every sport under the sun, his presence will certainly be a big help to the boys. Originally from Vernon, BC, Mr. Beck graduated from the University of Victoria with a BEd and currently works at both SMUS and Braefoot Elementary. His wife, Nikki Kaufmann-Beck, was a coaching intern at SMUS last year.

Bryant Hollingworth
Mr. Hollingworth says he came to SMUS because of “the opportunity to coach within an outstanding athletics programme.” As a coach, Mr. Hollingworth will help our students build up their rugby and basketball skills. Currently, Bryant also works for the Investors Group and holds both a CSC and a LLQP. He’s also an avid golfer and guitar player. Despite a busy schedule, he’s looking forward to getting involved in all the extra activities the school and boarding life has to offer.

Andrew Schopp
After working at Mount Douglas High School, Reynolds Secondary School, Spectrum Community School and Malaspina University College, Mr. Schopp is excited to be at SMUS and to collaborate with great students and staff. He pursued his BEd from the University of Victoria because he loves working with youth. Already settled into Bolton House, where he will be a junior house parent, Mr. Schopp plans to continue fixing up his old truck and improving his already-stellar volleyball skills.

More New Staff

Sara Beeston (Senior House Parent in Timmis)
Nanyak Dala (Coaching Intern)
Michelle Driscoll (Senior Assistant House Parent in Timmis)
Kristin Gustavsen (Coaching Intern)
Dawn Harris (Educational Assistant at the Junior School)
Harumi Hart (Japanese and Math teacher at the Middle School)
Louis Lay (Grade 8 Boarding Assistant in Bolton)
Matt Lurie (English teacher at the Middle School)
Beth Masselink (Junior House Assistant in Timmis)
Kai Zhang (Mandarin teacher at the Middle School)


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