New Students Bring Much to SMUS

Each year, our school seems to get even more diverse and 2008-2009 will be no different. Our 206 new students have come to us from all over the world, and each has something special to add.

“Throughout the admissions process, we select students who will thrive in our enriched environment, challenge their limits, develop their leadership potential and become meaningful global citizens,” says Director of Admissions Sue Saunders.

With 94 new boarders, our six boarding houses are full with 247 students in total. This year, we’re welcoming international students from Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Sixteen of our new boarders are starting Grade 8, the earliest grade available for boarding, and we are also welcoming two First Nations students to our Senior School.

“Our admission goals include targets for gender balance as well as economic, cultural, and geographic diversity,” says Mrs. Saunders.

Across all three campuses, the school has over 100 new day students. Almost half of them are beginning their SMUS education early in the Junior School. This year has also been a big year for siblings, as fifty-six of our new students have brothers or sisters at SMUS. We’re also welcoming two sets of triplets and five sets of twins, which ought to be a fun challenge for teachers and house parents alike.

Some of our new additions include a tennis champ from Barbados, an equestrian show jumper from Mexico, a hockey-playing violinist, a ski racer from Bainbridge Island, a rugby player from England and two DJs from Vancouver who want to change the world one cure at a time.

Again this year, the percentage of students receiving financial support to attend SMUS has risen. Twelve percent of our students are benefitting from bursaries made available through the Annual Fund, which includes 15 merit scholarship recipients. We’re excited to welcome each and every new student and are looking forward to watching their progress at SMUS.


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