New Boarders Come to SMUS

As usual, the first week of September was an exciting time as boarders, day students, parents and teachers returned. It’s an especially interesting time for our new boarders, who arrive each year from all over the world.

Always the first to arrive, our new boarders were welcomed by student ambassadors, with campus tours, student-life information and, perhaps most importantly, help unpacking. The new boarders and their families enjoyed a family barbeque on Tuesday evening, along with faculty members and house staff.

After their hamburgers and hot dogs, the new boarders went to chapel for the first time, where Campbell Hall, Director of Boarding, welcomed them to SMUS with warm words.

“You are now part of a wonderfully diverse community, which includes people from all over the world,” said Mr. Hall. After assuring them that any nervousness or homesickness would fade with time, he gave them some great advice. “The best thing you can do right now is jump in and get involved – join teams, choirs, clubs, or councils.”

Mr. Hall encouraged the new arrivals to reach out to their fellow boarding students, who have all been new to the school at some point, for help and support during their first few weeks. The Grade 8-12 students were also introduced to the school’s four pillars of leadership: honesty, service, courage and respect.

“As boarders, you have the best of both worlds,” said Mr. Hall. “You have all the advantages that day students do and the opportunities that only come with the boarding experience.


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