SMUS Poet Wins Avec Rime

This summer, Grade 9 student Paige Wergeland took home a prize for poetry. Her poem “Sous Mon Lit” (Under My Bed), which was written entirely in French, won her the Robert Munsch Poetry Award. Paige wrote the poem as an assignment for her Grade 8 French class last year, which challenged students to write a funny, rhyming piece in the style of well-known children’s author Robert Munsch.

Paige wrote her poem about a young boy who hears a sound coming from under his bed. The boy begins to imagine all the things it might be: a monster with claws or an alien with antennae. The more he thinks about it, the more afraid he becomes. Eventually, the boy works up enough courage to look under his bed, and the beast makes one sound… ”meow.”

“Paige works hard and excels in language courses,” says her French teacher Mrs. Karen Oraas, who encouraged Paige to enter her poem. “In September, she will be taking Japanese, French and Spanish.”

Thirteen-year-old Paige was one of ten students from across Canada to win the award, which was open to all students regardless of grade level or French ability, and she was also the only winner from British Columbia. The winning students received autographed copies of L’univers de Munsch, along with a selection of Munsch books.

Sous Mon Lit

Qui est ça sous mon lit ?
J’entends un bruit !
Ceci, c’est un monstre
Ou un extraterrestre ?
Est-ce qu’il veut me manger ?
Je sais qu’il veut me déranger.
J’imagine les griffes longues et rouges
Et les antennes qui bougent
Mouillés sont ses yeux
Avec un coeur malheureux.
Je ne peux pas rester comme ça !
Je dois être sûr qu’il y a quelque chose là.
J’avale fort
Avec pas de confort
Je m’assois sur mon coussin doux
Et regarde dessous.
Les choses que je vois sont les billes brillantes,
Qui me font peur -je tremble !
Les billes avancent vers moi
Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Je ne sais quoi
Mon monstre dit : « Miaou ! »


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