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I was walking across the quad yesterday with another staff member. The wind was cool but the sun was shining, not quite as warm as you expect in August. But the campus was just coming to life – some teachers were walking around, relaxed, and a few students were hanging around, even though school doesn’t start till next week. They were likely checking timetables, or checking in with a teacher or two. My colleague and I commented how much we love this time of year, when the school starts to live and breathe, and finally, next week, to pulse with the whole ruck of classes and sports and music and chatter in the gym or the quad.


Occasionally someone will tell me they have read one of my articles in School Ties, something that never fails to surprise me in a way, because despite the attention and thought I might devote to those pieces, I know that the most interesting parts of the school magazine are  the pictures and the descriptions of what is happening at the school, or in the case of alumni, the news of their classmates. One thing I will enjoy about this blog is the permission to ramble a bit from topic to topic, depending on what is in the forefront of my mind in any given week – some small episode at the Junior School, a book that is relevant, an idea for the future, or a reminiscence.


One of the benefits of a blog is that not every message will be of great moment, just as all moments are not of great significance. For instance, earlier this week I played golf with a boy in Grade Five and his father, a totally enjoyable and pressureless occasion (despite the light rain that tried to dampen the last two holes) which reminds me how important it is in families, especially, to have quantity time, as well as quality time.


Grade 9 students on their Bamfield Marine Science trip
Grade 9 students on their Bamfield Marine Science trip



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