Hello from England!


Hey everybody, so I came over to England two days ago for vacation with my family (my school doesn’t start here until Sept. 3) and I’m currently staying in the residences that I’ll be in during school.  Anyways, the campus is pretty amazing over here, it’s actually the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle, which if you want to look it up then just google image search it and you’ll get a million pictures.  The castle’s where I’ll be having most of my classes, eating all my meals, and (when I turn 18 in November) possibly enjoying a drink or two at the pub on campus.  The residence hall is a 3 minute walk from the castle and is just a normal residence, nothing too fancy.  And for those of you who are trying to figure out the time change, yes I am writing this at 3:30 am over here because I’m pretty jet-lagged and my body decided to wake me up and not let me get back to sleep.  Not too much fun…. Oh well.  I’ll live.



  1. I’ll definitely send some pictures your way as soon as I get some… I totally forgot to bring my camera for the first week and then I just kept forgetting. But I’ll try to remember soon!


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