Bienvenue a Montreal?


Well, I suppose I’ll be the first to post…

I moved to Montreal exactly a week ago.  I’m living in a condo two blocks away from Concordia’s Loyola Campus.  And to anyone thinking about not going in to res I already have a few tips…

  • find somewhere close to your school’s campus (preferrably the campus that you have most of your classes at)
  • you also want to live close to: transit, grocery stores, etc. (because it’s not that fun to carry groceries home more than 5 or 6 blocks…)
  • while there are lots of perks to living off campus you have to be prepared to try extra hard to get involved on campus, for example: FROSH week tends to be alot more oriented towards those living on campus
  • look for smaller grocery stores and such that will sell vegetables and fruit a million times cheaper than large grocery stores

Having listened to the wise wise words of the University Counselling Department I enrolled in orientation.  And yes, they are very wise.  Despite how mind-numbingly dull the majority of the afternoon was I learned a few very important things (deadlines for fee payment, permanent code info (which is something you HAVE to look in to if you are wanting to study in Quebec!), and how to opt out of fees and services that I do not necessarily need).  So yes, you should listen to University Counselling and go to your orientations.  Have a cup of coffee before you go though.  I also managed to break the ice (after much struggle) with a few others in the Fine Arts Faculty and met people in similar or the same programs.

Other than that.. The one question that every single person asked me when I said I was coming to Montreal is: “Oh do you speak French?” and sadly the answer is no.  But I have learned that it isn’t THAT necessary to be able to speak French here.  Most people learn enough French in grade 4 and from the back of cereal boxes that you can sort of understand the few transit signs that are in only French.  That being said however, I’m definitely looking in to some French classes at the local libraries.

That’s all for now.  Think I’ve been enough of a keener for one night.

Keep on Truckin’




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