Students Say "Thanks"

With one week left to go, SMUS is already celebrating Annual Fund contributions to date of more than $842,000. The amount significantly exceeds this year’s goal of $750,000 and last year’s Annual Fund total of more than $741,000.

A significant portion of Annual Fund proceeds go to support bursaries and scholarships. With 11% of our students receiving some form of financial assistance this year, and a plan to increase that number over the next few years, contributions that support endowment have never been more crucial.

Recently, a group of students who have benefited from bursaries and scholarships got together to express their gratitude to some of the donors who helped make their time at SMUS possible. Billed as the first annual Thank-a-Thon, students took to the phones on the fourth floor of School House, calling up donors to say thanks and talk about their experiences at SMUS and plans for the future. “Some of the people I called were surprised – no shocked – to get a call from a student,” mused one participant, while another observed that a donor “couldn’t believe I called just to say thanks and didn’t want to ask them to do more.”

As the evening wrapped up, students were enthusiastically recounting their conversations, visibly energized by the experience. “It felt good to have the chance to say thank you,” said one student, “and I think that people really liked getting the call.”


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