Junior School Sports Day

Friday afternoon saw beautiful clear skies for the Junior School’s annual Sports Day.

Every year, the Junior School field is dotted with young athletes and many events running all at once. Each student wore a green, red, blue or black bandana to represent their team, and had fun competing in relay races, sprinting, high jump and long jump. The students especially enjoyed the obstacle courses and the tug of war, in which the parents joined in.

After the games, the young athletes celebrated with popsicles and award ceremonies. Head of School Bob Snowden presented the awards and ribbons to the top players of each grade. Trophies – some with a history dating back as early as 1920 – were presented for best athletes and outstanding sportsmanship. The Blue team took away the trophy for winning the most events.

Fine weather and excellent sportsmanship provided a fun afternoon for teachers, parents and students.


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