Junior School Closing Ceremonies

Service Awards and Grade 5 Awards Assemblies

The Junior School concluded another fun and memorable year with their Service Awards, Grade 5 Awards, and their official Closing Ceremonies.

The Service Awards assembly on June 13 recognized the students who demonstrated excellence in service for the school, whether it was in the library, computer room, in the morning announcements or in helping students cross the street.

At the Grade 5 Awards Ceremony on June 17, Grade 5 students presented their Legacy Books to the school; books they choose to leave behind as they move on to the next level in their education. Each spoke about their choice, some choosing a book of particular interest, other because they thought it was a book younger students would enjoy. A special Legacy Book Plate is placed into each book and is added to the library’s collection.

Closing Ceremonies
Thursday, June 19 at the Royal Theatre

The Closing Ceremonies at the Royal Theatre made for an exceptional end to a year of hard work and fun. School Director Nancy Richards gave an introductory speech, quoting the students on their favourite memories of the Junior School. Then certificates were presented to all the students from kindergarten to Grade 4.

After the Grade 5 choir sung a beautiful tune, the Junior School saw off their Grade 5 students by presenting their certificates of achievement and wishing them luck at the Middle School in the fall.

The ceremonies also included a special choral presentation and slide show. Special awards went to students who demonstrated outstanding academic ability and spirit. Congratulations to all the young scholars, especially to the Grade 5s, who will be embarking on an exciting first year at the Middle School.


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