Leading Examples at SMUS

As the grad class of 2008 heads off to bright futures, this year’s Prefect Council passes the torch to the next generation of SMUS student leaders. A traditional mainstay of student leadership opportunities at the school, the Prefect Council is responsible for addressing important issues that affect the student body. Prefects also take part in the Academic, Athletic, Library and Service councils in order to maintain a strong communication link between SMUS students and key events.

This year’s prefect council has been particularly successful building school spirit. One of their major projects was to expand the house system to include day students. Mrs. Cheryl Murtland, Assistant Director of Student Life, was proud of the work the council did. “They tackled many difficult issues this year,” she says, “but bringing back the house system is probably the one that will have the most longevity.” The goal of the expanded house system was to develop a closer tie between day and boarding students. The councils also made a unique effort to raise school spirit by bringing their strengths together to host the first Spirit Week, a marathon of fun events hosted by a different council each day.

With all the work they did this year, Mrs. Murtland believes that the prefects really excelled at their key role: “the prefects have been most successful this year in being excellent role models for the students; being genuinely interested and involved in the school.”

Last week, Senior School announced the twenty new prefects who will represent the SMUS student body in the fall. The prefects were elected by faculty and the Grade 11 class (next year’s Grade 12s) out of a group of 68 self-nominated students. In the fall, the new prefect group will take a retreat to Seattle to get to know one another and develop their goals for the school.

SMUS Prefect Council 2008-2009

Head Girl: Emily Reid
Head Boy: John Humphries

Ceilidh MacLeod
Paul Tut
Nicole van der Wal
Bhupinder Dulku
Anna Fretz
Jake McCloskey
Liz Fenje
Tom Bridger
Brenda Moore
Ashley Hawes
Rory Lattimer
Kirsten Marsh
Rui Fu
Samantha Dark
Bryan Sun
Shelby Boehm
Austin Thind
Kabir Daswani


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