Class of 2008 Shines in U Accepts and Scholarships


With scholarship notifications still coming in daily, the class of 2008 has already earned over $1.4 million, the third year in a row that SMUS graduates have pulled in scholarship amounts over the $1-million mark. In addition, there’s an increase in the number of grads going further afield for post-secondary studies, with Scotland being a particularly popular destination this year.

University Counselling Director Greg Marchand attributes some of that trend to a growing awareness among our students about scholarships that make international education more affordable. Particularly in the US, he says, “even though it seems more expensive to go, there’s a lot of money available for students who are strong academics applying to the top universities that accept on a need-blind basis, so the net cost ends up being similar to Canadian universities.”

Some of our international scholars for next year include Josh Evans, who earned a scholarship to Yale as well as major entrance scholarships to Harvard, Vassar, McGill and the University of Toronto; Brittney Martin, who will be going to St. Andrews University in Scotland and was a finalist for the McEuan Scholarship for that school; and Terry Kho, who will be going to Brown University and who also earned two entrance scholarships to Queen’s University.

There are also a number of students going to Canadian universities with significant scholarships. Heather Buckingham won a major entrance scholarship to UBC – Okanagan – a significant achievement, Mr. Marchand notes, since UBC allows each school to put forward only 2% of its graduating class. Andrew Crow will be attending the University of Western Ontario with entrance and rugby scholarships and he also received the Premier’s Athletic Award, the Jack Farley Youth Achievement Award and the Youth in Action Award. Jennifer Debroni won a major entrance scholarship to the University of Victoria, while Rebecca Minaker will be attending the University of British Columbia on a golf scholarship. Kathryn Wizinsky, who was also a finalist for the McEuan scholarship to St. Andrews, won scholarships to the University of Calgary and to Queen’s, where she will be starting her university career in the fall.

Another scholarship area in which our students had outstanding performance this year is the Dogwood District Scholarships. The Dogwoods are one of the few scholarships that focus on arts and applied skills rather than strict academics and this year, 13 SMUS students were awarded scholarships in categories that included music, visual art, theatre performance, foreign languages, physical activity and leadership. With only 42 scholarships awarded to independent schools on Vancouver Island, SMUS took away the highest number of awards.

Congratulations to all our grads and thanks to our teachers who make these kinds of results possible.

The more detailed University Acceptances report for 2008 will be released in September.

Dogwood District Authority Awards
Oliver Bild (Foreign Language)
Heather Buckingham (Physical Activity)
Zachary Chan (Music)
Eric Chen (Visual Art)
Nicole Cook (Leadership)
Andrew Crow (Physical Activity)
Josh Evans (Foreign Language)
Elizabeth Guilbault (Theatre Performance)
Allen Hsu (Music)
Samantha Lee (Music)
Morgan Pudwell (Theatre Performance)
Ottilie Short (Visual Arts – Film)
Michael van der Westhuizen (Music)


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