Athletics Review: June 8, 2008

After the National Rowing Regatta took place in St. Catharines, Ontario, Derek Stedman and Liz Fenje stayed behind to trial for the Junior National Team. In the trials, both Derek and Liz made their respective finals and both finished 4th in those finals. As a result of this spectacular result, both Derek and Liz have been asked to join the Junior National Team. Outstanding!

Full results from the championships in St. Catharine’s, Ontario.

Athletics Banquet
The 18th Annual Athletic Banquet took place last Wednesday. The event was filled with many accolades from this year’s year in Athletics. The team awards section of the evening highlighted those athletes that made a special contribution to their respective team. The awards went as follows:

Team Award Winners

Senior Girls Field Hockey
Victoria Sapsford

Senior Boys Soccer
Oscar Duran

Senior Girls Volleyball
Shelby Boehm

Cross-Country (Boys)
Tony Chuang

Cross-Country (Girls)
Heather Buckingham

Derek Stedman

Senior Boys Basketball
Bryan Sun

Senior Girls Basketball
Katrina MacIntosh

Senior Badminton
Zach Chan

Senior Girls Soccer
Olivia deGoede

Senior Boys Rugby
Taylor McCarten

Track and Field
Imran Ismail

Bhupinder Dulku

Dylan Callow

Felix Koenigs

At the end of the evening, the major awards were handed out. These awards are sponsored by the Parents’ Auxiliary and went as follows:

Major Award Winners
Female Athlete of the Year
Runner-up: Ceilidh MacLeod
Winner: Brittney Martin

Runner-up: Samantha Dark
Winner: Benson Ling

Male Athlete of the Year
Runner-up: Riley Gudgeon
Winner: Andrew Crow


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