Students Share their Remarkable Pasts

Grade 9 students recently dug into their families’ past to conduct historical research and three in particular were recognized for the results. The three were part of a team of five Modern Studies students who went to the Regional Heritage Fair at the Royal BC Museum, where they presented their research along with 40 other projects from the South Vancouver Island area.

Every year, Mr. Tony Goodman encourages his Modern Studies 9 class to pick a topic that is close to them and their family. “The students pick a unique person in their family and situate the story and perspective of that family member in the broader historical picture.” With this “small history” project, Mr. Goodman aims to increase the students’ interest in history by introducing a personal element.

Fraser McGee, who won the LaPierre Medal for his project, researched his ancestor Patrick McGee, one of the Fathers of Confederation. Haley Grogan won an honourable mention for her presentation, “the story of Dieppe through the eyes of Patrick Grogan,” about her grandfather’s experience in POW camps during the Second World War. Zachary Austin won a Secret Judges award for his “Brother XII and spiritualism on Vancouver Island.”

The students all had a memorable experience at the Heritage Fair, where they not only presented their own projects, but they learned from other students and from the workshops that ran during the fair. This year, the National Fair will take place at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre from July 7-14.

Another recent award of note is the Begbie Canadian History Contest award, which went to Grade 10 student Kristijan Gjorgjevik. The Begbie Contest is a nation-wide test started by high school history teachers to test the knowledge of students on Canadian history. Congratulations to Kristijan and everyone who wrote the test.


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