Senior Choral Concert


On Monday, the Christ Church Cathedral was filled with harmonious voices during the Senior Choir Concert. Gifted string musicians paired with brilliant singing made a strong and stirring performance.

The concert had a strong opening when the strings ensemble played with the choir in “Zadok the Priest” and “Ave Verum Corpus.” Some familiar classics were performed by Madeleine Humer’s Grade 9-12 choir, including “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Parents and friends were awestruck at the power of the chamber choirs’ performance during their rendition of “Requiem, Op.48.” The 35-minute piece was performed in the high balconies out of the audience’s sight, allowing the full appreciation of Benjamin Schaan’s and Emily Reid’s stunning voices, and the violin melodies of Alan Hsu.

After the “Requiem,” a new spirited energy kicked in when the senior choir sung “Down by the Riverside,” with a dramatic entrance by the students parading down the aisles. Lyrics were provided so the audience could sing along. The senior students earned a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the concert.


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