Junior School Delivers Music and Magic


Glittering costumes, beautiful singing and comical banter were all part of the Junior School’s latest masterpiece, The Magic Flute. Directed by music teacher Mr. Duncan Frater, the performances at the McPherson Playhouse Thursday afternoon and evening dazzled the audiences.

Michelle Song, who played the Queen of the Night, sung a very challenging piece in her scene with the princess Pamina, played by Sage Friswell. Both young actresses performed compelling roles and had sweet and talented singing voices.

The group claimed not to be nervous at dress rehearsal, and were excited to perform for their friends and parents. Gordon Chan commented on their progress during the dress rehearsal. “The singing parts are really high, but they have been working really hard to put this together.”

Alex Lupin, who played Papageno in a stunning bird costume, performed a comical character and an amusing sidekick to Graeme Hyde-Lay’s character Tamino, the noble prince and hero of the story, who also performed well as a key presence on stage.

Considering the challenging singing roles and the advanced story line, the fairy tale came together wonderfully.


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