World Partnership Walk

SMUS was well represented on Sunday when the World Partnership Walk kicked off in Beacon Hill Park with close to 200 SMUS students, family members and staff at the starting line. The Partnership Walk followed a five-kilometre route through Beacon Hill Park along Dallas Road, Clover Point and back. While many families enjoyed it as an easy Sunday morning walk with their friends and family, others jogged or ran the route. A late-morning blast of sunshine, lunch and great entertainment on the Cameron Bandshell stage added to a very enjoyable afternoon.

The World Partnership Walk is Canada’s largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to fight global poverty. Since the event first started, Victoria has raised over $1 million and of that total, St. Michaels University School has contributed over $50,000. The Junior School has been recognized twice for raising the most money of any junior school in Canada. This year’s fundraising efforts, which saw increased participation from the Senior School, raised just over $16,000 through events and pledges.

The Middle School hosted their second fundraising basketball game, where every basket made earned money towards the cause. Canadian basketball celebrity Eli Pasquale visited the school to help them shoot some hoops to raise their totals to over $2000.

At the Senior School, a supportive Grade 9 group spearheaded by Nuraiyah Kassam, Annie Pike, Gita Keshava and Kate Loomer organized a very successful bake sale last week, raising over $350. A raffle organized by the Tennis team added another $158. Grade 11 student Kirsten Marsh also organized a senior school team to participate in the walk on Sunday.

The SMUS Partnership Walk Committee, made up of parents and staff from all three campuses wants to thank everyone who supported this year’s Partnership Walk. All funds raised go to projects sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, and are matched 100% by the Canadian International Development Agency, which means that SMUS’ contributions make a huge difference to those who need food, clean water, healthcare and education.


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