Spirit Week!

This week Senior School students took some time out from their books to enjoy some soapy slides, disgusting compost races, game shows and outdoor obstacle courses in the first annual SMUS Spirit Week. A joint effort of the Academic, Athletic, Student, Service and International councils, each day had a different theme and offered a slate of fun events for the student body.

Spirit Week kicked off Monday with the Art Council’s Crazy Hair Day, an art attack and an acoustic concert at lunch. Students showed some artistic spirit by creating a giant SMUS crest made out of objects found in the school lost and found bin.

On Tuesday, the Athletics Council hosted Wet ‘n Wild. Students who didn’t mind getting wet had an awesome time sliding down a slip and slide built up the slope next to Wenman Pavilion. Head Girl Kathryn Wizinksy, one of the organizers of Spirit Week, had a blast slipping down the slides. “We thought this was a great way to get the councils known around school and to boost school spirit,” she said.

On Wednesday, it was the Library and Academic Councils’ turn when they hosted the game show “Are You Smarter than a Ninth Grader?” A team of Grade 12s faced off against a group of Grade 9s in the quiz competition that featured questions from the Grade 9 curriculum. 

On Thursday, students’ stomachs turned as they watched the brave ones participate in the SMUS edition of “Fear Factor,” put on by the Student and Service Councils. Activities included crawling through an obstacle course of compost, chugging a smoothie of blended Brown Hall food, and scrounging though a pool of soupy corn starch looking for poker chips.

Spirit Day concluded Friday with International Dress-Up Day, hosted by the International Council. Students dressed up in cultural threads from counties as diverse as India, Germany, Scotland and Japan.


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