Junior School Athletes on Track

This week, 65 Junior School students participated in the VISSAA Track Meet at the UVic Stadium. Every year the Victoria Independent Schools Sports Association hosts the all-day track meet, which focuses on a fun, non-competitive experience for the more than 700 boys and girls participating.

“It’s seeing the kids run with commitment and enthusiasm – and knowing that they’re having fun that is the most satisfying part as their coach,” says Mr. Gary Barber, track coach and Junior School Assistant Director. He was proud to see the students apply the skills they learned through their many months of training.

Due to a high level of participation and hard work, the Junior School students did exceptionally well at this year’s meet, managing to both excel in their favourite events and have fun at the same time. Sena Youn won the 100m and the 200m in her age group, and Mila Stolle won the 800m and the shot-put event. The team consisting of Olivia Donald, Laura Grohovac, Sena Youn and Charlie Colby won the 100m relay, an event in which they have been undefeated all year.

Olivia Donald was a star performer at the track meet Tuesday, winning all of her events in the 100m dash, the 800m, 1500m and the 100m relay. “I love the long distance and the sprinting,” says Olivia, whose favourite event is the 800m.

Congratulations to all the Junior School VISSAA Track Meet participants.


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