Mayhem Hits Middle School

Lyrical madness hit the Middle School last Thursday when the Mayhem Poets, a trio of New York writers and performers, shared their poetry with a theatrical edge. Students and staff alike enjoyed the performance, which was very interactive.

The members of Mayhem Poets – Kyle Sutton, Mason Granger and Scott Tarazevits – have been touring high schools, middle schools and youth conferences across Canada and the United States. The Brooklyn-based troupe was in Victoria for the Vancouver Island International Children’s Festival. “We are so pleased to take advantage of the Mayhem Poets’ visit to Vancouver Island and have them perform at SMUS,” said Middle School Director Xavier Abrioux.

From the beginning, students could tell this was no ordinary poetry reading as the performers combined their talents with improvisation and rhythm, giving their poems a lively hip-hip edge. With topics ranging from eating too much chicken to Mother’s Day, the performance was filled with a variety of subjects and wild humour as well as some strong social commentary. The group focused on inspiring the students to write but also encouraged them to be imaginative free-thinkers.

The performance was lively and dynamic and the poets invited the students to participate with suggestions to add to the stories. A few students got up to play some improvisation games with the poets, creating silly one-word stories.

Teachers enjoyed the pieces as much as the students, and at the end of the performance the whole school joined in a standing ovation for the troupe.


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