Greek Days and Museum Nights

Ms. Kathleen Cook and Ms. Pam Yorath were pleased to see thier classrooms taken over by a throng of Greek gods and goddesses this week at the Junior School. As a conclusion to their Greek Mythology unit, the Grade 5 students each played a part in a Greek Celebration on Tuesday.

A variety of exciting activities were planned and a memorable morning was created. In advance, each student researched a god or goddess of their choice. At the celebration, the students performed speeches and were truly convincing in their portrayals. The young deities were organized into Greek city states and participated in various group activities. The students enjoyed reading well-known stories to the class, racing with chariots, creating their own Greek dances and building the Parthenon using only paper and tape. The entire morning was fun-filled and educational. The celebration came to a close with a wonderful Greek feast with Grade 5 students and staff enjoying the banquet.

Meanwhile, at the Middle School, the ancient theme kept rolling when the Grade 6 classes hosted their annual Museum Night, during which the young curators transform their Socials class into a museum housing the treasures of ancient civilizations. The overall presentation was astounding: the dim museum lighting, the faint Egyptian sounds and student-made artifacts on pedestals accented with tea lights all made a convincing and interesting exhibit. Across the hall into the next classroom the scent of warm roasting food drew parents into the museum’s café. Trays of colorful Greek, Egyptian and other Mediterranean food were served, adding to the night’s theme.

In preparation for Museum Night, students form small groups and pick one of the ancient civilizations they’ve learned about over the year as the focus for their museum project. Then they spend four weeks researching, painting, sculpting and gluing their ancient creations for the final presentation on Museum Night.

Mr. Gary Bryan, Middle School Socials teacher, was happy to be showing off what his students have been learning all year. “Museum night is important because the students get the hands-on experience studying, creating and displaying subjects that tie back into the curriculum.” Mr. Bryan and Mr. Jim de Goede ran the event this year, and are always pleased with the quality of the masterpieces and the high turnout of parents and family members.


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