Grade 5 Students Get a Preview of Middle School Life

On Tuesday, Grade 5 students left their Junior School classes to spend an afternoon at the Middle School in order to get a taste of what’s in store for them next year. The tours are a yearly event at SMUS and show the younger students what it’s like to walk in a sixth-grader’s shoes.

Excited scholars arrived from the Junior School to have lunch in Brown Hall. Buddied with Grade 6 students, the Grade 5s joined the regular classes and participated in class discussions and science experiments.

The students are really looking forward to the change of scenery. “I like how there are more kids and bigger fields, and I love the cafeteria food!” enthused Grade 5 student Mila, who is excited to start her Grade 6 year in September. Besides looking forward to the food next year, the Grade 5s are also excited about the freedom to pick different classes. “I’m looking forward to bossing around the Grade 6s next year,” jested Grade 6 student Michael, who was showing around some students that day.

Having already made new friends with the older students, the Grade 5 students returned to the Junior School excited for next year. Although they seem more than ready to move on to bigger and better things, many Grade 5 students did admit that they are going to really miss their teachers back at the Junior School.


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