Third World Meals for Junior School Children

On Sunday, May 25, the SMUS community will participate in the 24th Annual World Partnership Walk. The Junior School, which has raised more money for the World Partnership Walk than any other school in Canada, kicked off a month of activities with Global Village Day, an event where the students altered their diets for an afternoon to understand poverty in third-world countries.

The goal of Global Village Day was to inspire young kids to participate in the World Partnership Walk at the end of this month, and to give them a better understanding of how they can make a difference.

Gathering in the Junior School gym, the Grade 5 leaders of each house talked to the younger students about the importance of the World Partnership Walk while students ate rice and dahl, an Indian dish made from lentils. As they ate, they watched an inspiring presentation about the everyday lives of children in Eritrea, Africa. Even when discussing such serious topics as malnutrition and poverty, the community event was upbeat and supportive.

Students and families from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools will be hosting various activities throughout the month of May to raise money and awareness to fight global poverty.


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