Students Fast for Famine Awareness

Dedicated Senior School students gathered their pledges and said goodbye to Brown Hall food for a solid 30 hours last Friday. Over 80 students signed up for the 30 Hour Famine, a fundraiser started by World Vision Canada to combat hunger, poverty and other social injustices locally and globally. The students fast to identify first hand with people who experience hunger on a daily basis in the world today.

Students started their fast on Friday afternoon by preparing signs to raise awareness among their fellow students. The event was supervised by Ms. Kirsten Davel, head of Geography. Throughout the day, Ms. Davel reported, she “had a steady stream of girls and boys come by for encouragement and to share how they were feeling, physically and emotionally.”

During Chapel on Friday, the E-Team, making a presentation for Earth Week, talked about the 30 Hour Famine, emphasizing the relationship between environmental stewardship and economic and environmental sustainability, which is a hallmark of World Vision’s development model.

As Friday wore on and students started to feel the hunger pangs, they passed the long hours playing Frisbee and sipping water in the hot afternoon sun. In the evening, 16 students camped out in the gymnasium, playing some indoor sports and enjoying each other’s company. Saturday morning, as the students were cleaning up and getting ready to leave, Ms. Davel heard them remark to each other that they did not feel hungry at all.

Ms. Davel was proud of the spirit and dedication the students showed to the cause. “The event was so successful and it moved me deeply that our kids would do this for kids they will never meet.” When the pledges were tallied at the end of the event, students had raised more than $2000 for World Vision.


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