Biology Students Get Hands-on Lesson in Marine Life

Recently, biology students had the opportunity to conduct field work at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. A yearly highlight in the Biology 11 curriculum, the Bamfield trip exposes students to marine diversity and ecology, physical oceanography as well as hands-on lessons in experimental design.

The weekend itinerary was packed with field trips and group labs, and focused on exploring the diversity and behaviors of marine invertebrates and plant life in intertidal and subtidal environments. Led by knowledgeable BMSC staff, the students conducted field observations in intertidal areas of both open rocky shore and sandy beaches. They were introduced to invertebrate diversity in the Centre’s Whale lab, which boasts an intact infant Grey whale skeleton. The highlight of the weekend was a trip on the MV Alta, which conducted a dredge of the sea floor, bringing up an incredible diversity of marine organisms for identification and examination before being carefully returned to their watery depths.

The Bamfield trip proved to be an excellent opportunity to explore Vancouver Island’s rich marine life and to engage in the scientific process. Biology teacher Mrs. Simone Kuklinski, who arranged the three-day trip, was extremely pleased to see how well the students from different classes collaborated and the positive energy and excitement that they demonstrated throughout the trip.

Mrs. Kuklinski would like to extend a warm thanks to her chemistry colleague Mr. David Fisher, who chaperones nearly every year. This was his last trip before his retirement in June and he will be dearly missed by the students.


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