Students Buddy-up to Share their Love of Reading

Grade 12 student Oliver Bild has a passion for promoting literacy, and as the head of the SMUS Library Council he was motivated to initiate Buddy Reading, a program that brings Junior and Senior School students together to share their love of reading. With support from the Library Council, Oliver helped develop a program that not only promotes literacy, but provides the younger students with an older role model in order to create a stronger link between the two campuses.

Every Thursday after school, Junior School students pair up with a senior buddy in the Senior School library to read books for one hour. The goal is to encourage the younger students to read so they can improve their reading skills. Students of all reading levels in the Junior School are more then welcome to participate.

Buddy Reading started as an idea last year after Oliver participated in a reading programmme organized by the various municipal library branches. “I enjoyed myself in the programmes there and was able to take in all sorts of ideas at the public library to start a similar programme at SMUS,” says Oliver.

“Oliver and fellow Library Council members hope to foster a love for literacy in the younger generation,” says Librarian Mrs. Tweedie.

The program launched last week after many months of planning with the Director of Junior School, Mrs. Nancy Richards, and Teacher-Librarians Mrs. Diana Nason and Mrs. Tweedie. “I am pleased to say the launch was a success,” says Oliver. “I hope to leave this programme in place so that it may continue for years after I leave SMUS.”


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