Day Students Join the House System

For boarding students who live in residence, House Games are an integral part of the SMUS boarding experience. Each of the six boarding houses – Harvey, Symons, Barnacle, Winslow, Bolton and Timmis – get together once a month for some friendly competition that culminates at the end of the year with the winning house receiving the house trophy.

Now, day students will also belong to a house. Day students are being incorporated into the existing house system in boarding and now these expanded houses will compete in games and activities throughout the year. Every faculty member and student in Grades 6 through 12 will be assigned to a house and they will belong to that house throughout their years at SMUS.

Middle School already has a similar system in place and is planning to blend their system with the new Senior School system in time for the start of the new school year in September.

The Prefect Council has been working on this project since September and has made it one of their key objectives for the year. “Our goal has not only been to bridge the gaps between the two campuses,” says prefect, boarding student and Timmis resident Kendra Tubbs, “but also to form stronger relationships between day and boarding students.” The system will work as a body through which all students can connect to other grade levels.

“We want to use the system in as many school functions as possible,” says Kendra. The system will be in place for house games, but also be used as a way to create friendly competition for service and charity projects.

On Thursday, students dressed in their house colours and participated in a dodge ball tournament at lunchtime. “The game went really well, almost the whole school showed up and everyone had fun,” Kendra says.


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