Art Students Have a Hand in Book Design

An exhibition of illustrated books, hand-made by Art 10 students, was showcased in the Senior School Library Thursday evening. The students invited their parents to an evening reception to present the projects they have being working on all term.

The students worked with artist-in-residence Chiarina Loggia, who came to SMUS throughout the term in collaboration with the Provincial Art Starts Programme, a resource centre and Canada’s first public gallery dedicated solely to the exhibition of young people’s artwork. Ms. Loggia worked with the students using different printmaking techniques to help them produce their books, which were created as a joint library and art project.

The Art students studied the Harlem Renaissance era using library resources, and then they took on the persona of a particular character from that period to illustrate the books. Each student produced one book, and had to include a small amount of text to complete the design. Art teacher Ms. Anna Forbes said the printmaking process was very complex.

The covers of the books were made using the collagraph printing process. After searching through many electronic sources for image development ideas, the students drew their designs. They cut out the designs on thick paper and glued them to the front and then they painted the covers with thick acrylic paint to create as much texture and depth as possible. The covers were then run through an etching press and the finished prints were made on ivory Italian hand-crafted paper.
“They have turned out beautifully and the students are quite proud of their efforts,” says Ms. Forbes. 

The projects will be displayed in the library until Monday, April 28. While you are on campus we encourage everyone to come by and have look.


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