Junior School Students Learn about Fire Safety

The Oak Bay Fire Department visited the Junior School on Wednesday afternoon to educate the Grades 3 and 4 students about fire safety and burn prevention in the home.

The fire department arrived in their red fire engine towing the Fire and Burn Safety House on a platform behind it. The safety house is a scaled down version of a real two-story house. The miniature house contains a kitchen, windows, a stairwell to the upper bedroom and a balcony. The main features of course are the smoke alarms and the banana scented “safe” smoke.

The students took turns practicing what they learned from the firefighters’ talk earlier in the day by navigating themselves through the house and vacating safely.

The students also watched a video which showed how powerful fire is and how fast it spreads. They learned about the dangers in the kitchen and were taught how to use the stove and pots and pans. The students were then shown the firefighters’ turn-out gear, which included boots, coats, gloves and an air tank. The students were encouraged to talk about alternate routes out of their own houses with their parents and were asked to plan to test their fire alarms with their parents at home.


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