Cross-Campus Strings Concert

Monday evening’s Cross-Campus Strings Concert was another showcase of SMUS’ talented music students. The event was held at the University of Victoria’s Farquhar Auditorium and the theatre was filled with proud parents and faculty.

The Senior School Strings orchestra started the night off demonstrating their precision with a lovely melody entitled “Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5.”

Next the Grade 6 Strings took the stage and played a marvelous song called “Rustic Dance.” Grade 5/6 Strings students followed that up with an upbeat tempo called “Polkatime,” before slowing down the rhythm to play “A Ballad.”

The Grade 8 Strings students were remarkable in their performance of “Fantasia on an Original Theme,” which was perfectly accompanied by Christina Chwyl’s harp solo.

The Grade 7/8 Strings students played three songs, but their final number entitled “Pirates of the Caribbean” really showed off their hard work and talents.

The last performances of the evening were by the full orchestra and what a show it was! The ensemble played two familiar songs, one from the score of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone called “Harry’s Wondrous World.” And the audience’s favourite, “Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel.” These last two performances of the evening capped off what was a very successful concert.


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