Choral Concert

Parents, staff, faculty and students gathered at Christ Church Cathedral Wednesday evening for the Cross-Campus Choral Concert. Students in Grades 4 through 12 performed choral pieces they have been rehearsing for several weeks.

The concert began with the girls in the Grade 4 choir singing a melody entitled “As Long as He Needs Me.” The boys joined in on the third verse, and together their voices warmed the Cathedral air. Under the direction of Mr. Duncan Frater, the group was the perfect start to a wonderful evening showcase of vocal talent. Continuing with Junior School, the Grade 5 choir hit all the right notes in their rendition of “Ordinary Miracle.”

The Middle School Grade 7 choir sang amazingly in their presentation of “Three Hungarian Folks Songs.” The Grade 8 choir had a tough act to follow, but managed to prove their talent by singing an acoustic African song entitled “Siyamba,” which was directed by Ms. Pamela Gerrits. The choir then sang the familiar freedom song “Let my People Go.” Mr. Frater was quick to note that the Grade 8 boys deserved an extra pat on the back for controlling their changing voices, and encouraged the group to take a bow.

Under the direction of Ms. Madeline Humer, the Senior Chamber choir capped off the evening with a series of choral pieces, including one they sang in German. The group’s polished and powerful voices filled the Cathedral from floor-to-ceiling, which really showed off their many years of vocal training.

The Christ Church Cathedral was the ideal venue for the students to present their talents and perform a lovely selection of choral pieces. The natural acoustics from the stone walls allowed even the smallest voices to project to the pews in the back row. The evening performance was a success, which left the audience impressed and excited for the next Choral Concert on June 2, at Christ Church Cathedral at 7:00 pm.


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