Middle School Competes in its First-Ever Wrestling Match

For the first time at SMUS, students have had an opportunity to participate in wrestling. Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Middle School Physical Education teacher, introduced wrestling into his Grade 6, 7, and 8 classes. After much success with the new sport, a few students decided they wanted to try competing. SMUS has had a long history of successful boxing and sparring teams, but wrestling has never been practiced competitively at SMUS. Mr. Kuklinski began coaching some students at small after-school sessions so the students could gain more experience and develop strong technique in order to compete successfully.

An introductory mini-meet was held at Bayside School last week and was the first time SMUS students competed in a wrestling event. Bayside School has held the meet for a number of years; this year, approximately 40-50 boys and girls from schools all over Victoria competed in front of an audience of more than 100 people. Though the five SMUS boys who entered the meet lacked in experience, “the boys performed bravely,” says Mr. Kuklinski. Grade 7 student Adam Marsh made it to the semi-final in the 120-130 lb. category, along with Grade 6 student Abrahim Kharagani who pulled through to the semi-final in the 150-160 lb. category.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the students are looking to compete again next year,” says Mr. Kuklinski “Hopefully more Middle School students will get involved.”


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