Penguins and Dragons, Oh My!

It has been a busy few weeks at Junior School as the students participated in numerous activities tying into their classroom curriculum.

As part of culture studies, Mrs. Lincoln’s Kindergarten class celebrated the Chinese New Year with a dragon dance, for which the students made paper dragons and danced around their classroom. The celebration continued with a field trip to Victoria’s Chinatown. The students went on a tour of the area, where they learned about the history of the region and enjoyed lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.

Ms. Galloway’s Grade 1 class participated in a Penguin Day. As part of their study on the arctic bird, each student cared for a hard-boiled egg all day to gain empathy and understanding of the trials that male Emperor penguins endure during their two month egg-sitting stint. A male bird holds the egg between its feet to keep the egg warm until it is ready to hatch. The students also enjoyed a visit from Tacky, a stuffed penguin who acted as the classroom’s mascot during their penguin studies.

In honour of black history month, Head of School Mr. Snowden performed in a skit at assembly about Rosa Parks. He asked students to volunteer to ride his bus, and sent some to the back to demonstrate the segregation Rosa Parks faced in 1913.

All of this activity culminated in a celebration of the one-hundredth day of school. Students kicked off the party last week, when they collected “100 reasons why I love SMUS” on Valentine’s Day.

Also part of the100-day festivities, the school has been conducting their annual “All Souped Up” food drive for the Mustard Seed. The Junior School collected more than 1000 cans of soup, which were transported in style to the Mustard Seed in Mrs. Lincoln’s classic Ford pickup truck.

100 Reasons Why I Love SMUS
Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3)

I love to spend time with my friends at recess
I love how my teacher, Mrs. Lincoln smells of vanilla
I love to read stories on my own
I love drawing in art
I love my teachers
I love playing lion king tag in PE
I love After School Care and making paper airplanes
I love our school because it is BIG
I love all classes
All the kids are nice
Great teachers
No one is mean
Learning to read
Lots of BOOKS
Our uniform

Intermediate (Grades 4 and 5)
The kindness of the school
I have been able to do lots of sevice
Different things we learn and the teachers who make it happen
So many learning opportunities
Mrs. Yorath smells like roses
Able to hang with friends
Safe on the playground
Second home
Sports challenges
Teachers are nice and help me
Nice students and staff
Learn to do the best things in the world
My best friend and it is easy to get one
Volunteer mums


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