Making Reading Magical

Last week, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Margaret Lincoln made reading more than just fun for her students – she made it magical.

Celebrating their success in becoming readers, Ms. Lincoln’s class created “magical” reading glasses that helped the kids find words posted throughout the school.

First the students decorated the cardboard glasses with feathers, sparkles and other crafty materials as an art activity. Then, wearing their stylish spectacles, the students were asked to find “popcorn” words – high-frequency words (the, and, my) that “pop” up all the time in books or on signs. These words are often the first that Kindergarten students learn to read. Twenty words were posted throughout the school – on maps, in the office, on the fish tank – and the students wrote each word they found on a dry-erase board.

The activity was an effort to advance the Kindergarten class’s reading, writing and spelling skills. By helping the students recognize high-frequency words in their environment, they are reading as well as remembering how to spell everyday words. In the spring, Ms. Lincoln’s class plans to celebrate further reading success with a “Reading Campout.”


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