Tournament Volunteers Score Big

In all the excitement of tournament play, it’s easy to forget all the behind-the-scenes work involved to make an event like the recent Victoria Police Senior girls’ basketball tournament a success.

More than 15 Senior School students volunteered this past weekend to work the scoreboard and shot clock as well as to record game points and statistics.

“I’ve realized how much basketball relies on its volunteers,” says Mr. Jeff Hunt, who has stepped into the role of Director of Athletics this year.

With each game requiring at least three volunteers, and with several back-to-back games on the schedule, some volunteers worked more than three straight shifts, skipping lunch to keep the tournament running smoothly.

Some of the volunteers even collected entry fees and worked the concession, which was “above and beyond score-keeping duties,” notes Mr. Hunt. By the final hours of the tournament, the volunteer crew found themselves short-handed but were quick to recruit a Grade 8 boarding student to help out.

In all, the students volunteered more than 900 hours over the weekend. SMUS parents and community members, including two police officers overseeing the tournament, commented on how well the the weekend rolled out thanks to the volunteers.

In fact, the BC Senior Schools’ basketball association is adding a new scorekeeping crew award, which will be presented at the end of the season. With the weekend’s positive feedback, the SMUS crew is in the running.


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