Earn Credit, Study Abroad

Imagine studying Shakespeare in the Bard’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon or learning about classical art amidst the ruins of Rome or Athens.

SMUS is offering an international summer school program, where high school students have an opportunity to earn credit while studying abroad.

In partnership with Georgia Hardy Tours and Collingwood School, students can take accredited courses in English, Math, French, Business, Planning, Art and Classical History while travelling throughout Europe. Students can earn Grade 10 and 11 credits in France and Ireland, or complete Grade 12 credits while exploring the best of Greece and Italy.

Last summer, Grade 12 student and Head Girl Kathryn Wizinsky studied for four weeks in the UK, earning her Grade 12 English credit. She spent two weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland and two weeks in Oxford, England. While taking part in the programme, Kathryn was also able to visit St. Andrews, Loch Ness, Stratford-Upon-Avon, London and Stonehenge.

“Students should take part in as many opportunities like this as they can,” says Kathryn.

Each course is taught by SMUS or Collingwood faculty, who understand that the experiences outside the classroom are just as important as those inside. “The teachers are aware we want to take in as much as possible, so they adjust the homework load accordingly,” Kathryn says.

For Kathryn, participating in the summer programme was about more than just sightseeing. “It was the first time I was able to try out a university-type setting, where teachers were there to support our studies but for the most part we were on our own, learning to balance our time between touring the city, relaxing with new friends, finding dinner, and completing assignments for class,” explains Kathryn.

Students and parents can get more information by contacting the Education Extension Office. The next parent information night is scheduled for March 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm at SMUS Senior School.

The application deadline is April 27, 2008.


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