Student Artists Make a Splash in Tofino

AP Studio Art students embarked on a trip to Tofino last weekend for a two-day retreat that allowed them to explore rainforest life through different artistic formats. As part of their studies, the students visited the renowned Pacific Rim Trail, where they participated in a guided walk through Canada’s only rainforest. Led by a botany student, the artists were given an educational tour and allowed to collect certain specimens for further examination.

Sculpture gardens, mudflats and native plants were used as subjects for an in-class drawing session on Saturday afternoon. Students also captured several photos for use in future painting, drawing and sculpting projects.

The students stayed at the Tofino Botanical Gardens, an ideal location which “really helped our creativity,” says art teacher Anna Forbes.

Despite the cold and windy January weather, the students stopped by Chesterman Beach and “one or two intrepid people went dabbling in the Pacific Ocean,” says Mrs. Forbes. For some students, it was their first visit to the western side of the sea.

“It was a good bonding experience,” says Mrs. Forbes.

The trip was a huge success and will become a regular event in the AP Studio Art curriculum, although next year Mrs. Forbes hopes to run the trip at a warmer time of year.


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