Junior School Kick-Starts a Sports Club

Sports at Junior School have been going swimmingly thanks to Sports Club – an after-school program dedicated to improving athletic skills. Once a week, Grade 4 and 5 girls and boys get together to get exercise and have fun. The club encourages students to live an active lifestyle and to get involved in sports, regardless of their skill level.

The program is run throughout the year and includes both indoor and outdoor activities. Popular sports among the students include basketball, soccer, badminton and gymnastics. What makes the programme both unique and successful, is that it is not competitive and allows all students to participate and feel comfortable no matter what athletic background they may have.

Sports Clubs gives the youngest SMUS students a chance to explore a few of the sports that they can pursue at Middle and Senior School, as well as some time to bond outside of the classroom.

Veronica Johnson, who coaches the Grade 5 girls’ night-league basketball team at SMUS, coordinates the program. Ms. Johnson runs half marathons, plays basketball and plans to become a teacher.


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